Machining - Weston Wood Solutions


Our facilities are equipped with machinery to process dado, rabbet, hinge, and strike on high volumes of material. This service is a great advantage for customers who can’t do their own machining or for those who wish to save time in their window & door manufacturing process.

Weatherstrip Stuffing

We provide stuffed jambs using either customer-supplied or Weston-supplied weatherstrip. We offer this service on a container-direct or ex-warehouse basis.

Security Plates

We offer security plates installed on the back of strike jambs. This feature is popular on product distributed through big box stores.


Small volume SKUs are available in box quantities for customers who want to closely manage their inventory levels and turns.

Minor bundling

Upon request, we can package mouldings, extensions and boards in bundle sizes to fit in customers’ racks.

Barcode Labelling

We can apply self-adhesive labels or end tags, per customer requirements. As part of our quality control process, all barcodes are validated by the customer prior to installation.


We operate priming facilities in several locations. All our primers are exterior-grade latex and lead-free.


In addition to direct-container shipments, we offer warehouse distribution for immediate requirements and for SKUs that customers do not wish to purchase in container-load quantities.