We stock window and door components in a variety of species and materials. In addition to standard profiles, we offer proprietary profiles on a stocking program basis. With our global sourcing reach and multiple inventory distribution centres, we are able to service both simple and complex OEM customer needs.

Window Extensions from Weston Wood Solutions

Window Extension:

We are experts in providing the profile that attaches into vinyl windows. This is also known as window reveal. We stock this in both raw and primed. This is most commonly supplied in 16’ lengths, and we also offer precision trimmed to save our customers time in cutting and also to eliminate waste.

Composite Brickmould from Weston Wood Solutions


From double–beaded to WM180 and everything in between, we have brickmould! In composite, we supply Open J, stucco and WM180 profiles.

Stiles, Rails, Lockblocks:

For manufacturers of steel and fiberglass doors, we offer a full range of stiles and rails and lockblocks in both finger joint pine and LVL. Our LVL components meet stringent zero-emission standards.

Frames, Mullions, Astragals:

For exterior door pre-hangers, we stock all components in both finger joint pine (raw, primed, and vinyl-wrapped) and PVC composite, in wood grain and smooth white. Our composite mullion post with an impermeable bottom block is patented in both Canada and the US. Machining services for end dado, hinge and strike mortise and weather-strip stuffing are available.

Flat Jamb Doorstop from Weston Wood Solutions

Flat Jambs & Doorstop:

For interior door pre-hangers, we offer flat jambs in LVL, MDF and finger joint pine. Doorstop is available either pre-stitched to the jamb or as a separate profile.

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