Environmental, Social and Governance Commitments


Weston Wood Solutions is committed to the protection and enhancement of the health of the environment in everything it does.

This dedication is evident across the company’s entire supply chain. One hundred percent of the lumber WWS sources is from legally harvested species, our primed products are produced with lead-free paint, and the glues utilized for manufacturing meet the most stringent emissions standards. Waste generated from within WWS’s operations is recycled as biofuel and our warehouses are transitioning to exclusively employ electric forklifts to further mitigate carbon emissions.

Moreover, WWS’s utilization of wood products for millwork and building materials, makes a positive, enduring contribution to our planet’s well-being; trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their wood fibers, while PVC composite products help reduce plastic accumulation in landfills.

WWS’s steadfast commitment to environmental best-practices dates back to its Chain of Custody certification in 2008. We proudly and exclusively ship millwork from sustainably and socially managed forests.

Most recently, WWS has partnered with Canada’s Forest Trust to plant 25,000 trees over 5 years.

Our ongoing pursuit of environmental responsibility will continue in 2024, with a comprehensive evaluation and establishment of milestones to reduce our scope 1,2, and 3 carbon emissions.

Green environment graphic
Canada's Forest Trust Corporation
Planting, Preserving and protecting Canadian trees

Canada’s Forest Trust & WWS

Weston Woods Solutions is thrilled to announce our latest eco-friendly initiative, the establishment of a 25-acre Smart ForestTM in Canada. Given the symbiotic nature of our business to wood-based products, it was a simple decision to invest in a project dedicated to the revitalization and preservation of forests.

This project is led by Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation, a Canadian social enterprise. With this collaboration, WWS will be planting, preserving, and protecting 25,000 trees in a Canadian Smart ForestTM. This commitment amplifies our ongoing environmental and sustainability efforts and solidifies our pledge to conduct our operations with less net carbon impact.

Our Smart ForestTM Stewardship is not a carbon-trading initiative; it’s our way of making a positive, enduring contribution to our planet’s health.


Weston Wood Solutions supports local community food banks and is a key sponsor of Shelter Movers, an agency dedicated to moving parents and children from high-risk domestic situations into safe shelters.

WWS is committed to the fundamental principles of fair treatment and equal employment opportunity regardless of an individual’s race, gender, ancestry, place of origin, sexual orientation, family status, age, disability, citizenship, political beliefs, religion or any other ground of discrimination.

Building from a foundation of C.O.R.E. (Care, Ownership, Respect, Excellence) values and behaviours, WWS strives to create a work culture that welcomes candor and diversity, while delivering performance excellence.


In 2023, WWS received Platinum Status membership from Canada’s Best Managed Companies. This membership is exclusive to Canada’s leading organizations that have been Best Managed companies for seven years or more.