About Weston



Alan Lechem

As CEO, Alan drives Weston’s strategy and oversees the company’s global operations. Alan’s millwork industry experience spans over 30 years, beginning in 1990 when he joined Weston and assumed responsibility for the company’s pine operations. Through his professional relationships and industry associations, Alan brings a wide-ranging perspective on millwork and related products. Alan is passionate about building win-win solutions for Weston’s customer and supplier partners by leveraging his industry expertise, technical acumen and deep product knowledge. In fact, you’ll often find Alan giving out his opinion for free on LinkedIn (check out his latest post here). Outside of work, Alan enjoys mountain biking, slalom skiing and a good single-malt scotch.

Ago Headshot

Agostino Nigro

Agostino is responsible for providing Weston leadership and vision with focus on execution. Agostino is an innovation-focused executive with over 30 years of experience in Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, and Building Supplies. Throughout his career Agostino has taken on big mandates and built relationships and processes that enable growth while fostering value added solutions for customers and supply partners. Outside of work, Agostino is an avid soccer and Formula 1 fan. He is an advocate of children’s charities, and supports the cinematic arts as member of the Board of Directors at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival and as Executive Chairman & Co-founder of CAN CREATURE Productions.


Howard Kumer
Executive Vice President, Canada

As Executive Vice President, Howard oversees Weston’s Canadian Sales team and is responsible for driving Weston’s growth across the country. Howard is a pioneer in the Canadian millwork industry. Over the last 35 years, Howard has built a reputation as a trusted partner and expert in a wide range of wood products used by the window and door industries. Howard has been foundational to Weston’s customer-centric approach and has helped inspire our company to prioritize the customer in everything we do. Outside of work, you’ll find Howard on the tennis court or doing something handy, like building a rock climbing wall for his grandkids.

Cinius Lee
Executive Vice President, Asia, Australia, and Europe

Cinius oversees Weston’s China, Asia, and Eastern European operations, including Joint Venture set up, production facility set up, QA/QC, manufacturer qualification, product qualification, product development, and sales. Cinius has an international trading background and holds a master’s in international trade, and since joining Weston in 2006 has been instrumental in our global growth and diversified sourcing strategy. Cinius is passionate about helping his customers accelerate their business growth – you’ll often find him meeting with customers to discuss their core priorities and helping to secure their wood, PVC/composite, and hardware supply chain. Outside the office, Cinius is actively involved in local community building.


Mauricio Bravo
Executive Vice President, US and Chile

Mauricio oversees Weston’s Chilean operations and U.S Sales team. Before joining the company in 2006, Mauricio worked for a sawmill and millwork plant operator. With this manufacturing background, Mauricio brings deep expertise in wood processing, quality control and international logistics. Over the last 15 years, Mauricio has played a lead role in building Weston’s presence in South America and the US, and he continues to champion innovation as Weston expands its product offering and global reach. Outside the office, you can find Mauricio on the slopes with his family doing crazy things on skiis or a mountain bike!


Libby Gervasio
Vice President, Support & Logistics

With more than 20 yrs of experience in the millwork industry, Libby is Weston’s Vice President of Support and Logistics with expertise in strategic planning and risk management. She oversees supply chain, product management, procurement, engineering, distribution and all domestic and global transportation functions. She thrives on taking on any challenge and is driven to find solutions to better serve Weston’s customers. Her agility, performance, innovation and excellent customer relations is combined with her focus on process improvements and efficiencies.

Michael Bowman
Vice President, Finance & IT

Mike oversees Weston’s Finance and IT teams. Since joining the company in 2005, Mike has leveraged his international business and accounting experience to help grow the team from just a few employees in Toronto to nearly 100 employees across the globe. Throughout his career at Weston, Mike has been a key contributor to Weston’s strategy and has led the development of our finance and technology processes in multiple currencies and languages. Outside the office, you can find Mike on his motorcycle or spending time with family.


  • 1985


    Weston Forest Corp. creates "Specialty Division," supplying millwork to door and window companies

  • 1988

    Opened California office to better access western species



  • 1992


    Weston begins global search for fiber. Starts sourcing from Mexico

  • 2002

    Shipped first container of white pine door components to the United Kingdom



  • 2004


    Began sourcing millwork from Asia to improve competitiveness of domestic OEMs

  • 2005

    Weston Wood Solutions formed as a separate company, focused on bringing quality, partnership and experience to our customers



  • 2006


    Installed machining equipment for dado, hinge and strike in Toronto

  • 2008

    Initiatives towards sustainable forestry and awarded Chain of Custody Certification for FSC, PEFC and SFI



  • 2009


    Developed sales to Australia

  • 2010

    Introduced vinyl wrapped doorframes to provide better weather protection and lower maintenance



  • 2011


    Weston Chile opened, adding a distribution center for sales to South America

  • 2012

    Stocking programs of boards and millwork in strategic locations throughout North America to support JIT and LTL delivery



  • 2013


    Imported Radiata pine from New Zealand and Chile for manufacturing of primed finger joint millwork in China

  • 2014

    Recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies on the Growth 500 list, a distinction that has continued for 6 years



  • 2015


    Introduced PVC Composite doorframe products

  • 2016

    Named a winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, requalifying every year since



  • 2017


    Opened first Sout East Asian joint venture in Zhangping, China, manufacturing primed boards

  • 2018

    Added additional millwork manufacturing in South East Asia



  • 2019


    Purchased MDF moulding manufacturing plant in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

  • 2019

    Added CNC machining capability in Toronto and South East Asia



  • 2020


    Received patent for bottom block mullion post

  • 2021

    Expanded LVL millwork manufacturing in South East Asia



  • 2022


    Introduced PVC board and PVC molding product lines

  • 2023

    Received distinction of being named a Platinum member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies



  • 2023


    Opened Indonesian finger joint molding plant