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Brick mould (or brickmould)

Is a transitional moulding or casing, which goes around the frame of exterior door or window openings. Forming the outer edge of a door or window frame, brick mould conceals the gap between the exterior cladding of the structure and the door or window jamb.

At Weston Wood Solutions, we provide standard or custom brick mould profiles in either rough cut 84” and 198” or mitred to precise lengths. Our brick moulds are available finger-jointed raw or primed. As it is exposed to exterior elements, our brickmould is manufactured using exterior grade adhesives.

Standard sizes Available:
  • Reversible 1-1/8 x 1-5/8
  • Double Beaded 1-3/16 x 2
  • Step (WM180) 1-1/4 x 2

Custom profiles are available by request.

Stucco Mould

Stucco mould is a special profile of brickmould which has an extra “lip” to accept the application of stucco where it is used to seal the exterior of the structure. Weston offers this profile by custom order.

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