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Weston Wood Solutions has been servicing the window and door industries with pride since 1985. From a business that started as the millwork arm of Weston Forest Corporation, making components with local white pine, we've grown into a global provider of engineered wood components solutions. In 2005, Weston Wood Solutions incorporated and became part of the Weston Forest Group of companies.

Our product line has diversified to include millwork from species across the world, such as Ponderosa, Radiata, Taeda, and Elliotis Pines, Aspen, and Chinese Fir. As exclusive distributors of Asian Prime, we are a leading supplier of doorframes, trim board and mouldings. Our customer base has also diversified to include distributors of millwork and building materials both in North America and overseas.

We specialize in providing excellent distribution to the companies we service by manufacturing and stocking their custom profiles at our 70,000 sq. ft. location in Mississauga. In addition, we distribute from other warehouses across North America that are close to our customers' locations. We also provide specialty building products for other distributors in the industry.

From our distribution center in Mississauga, we load all types of equipment for shipment across the continent and around the world. Customers who receive shipments directly from our overseas suppliers are also able to draw upon our large inventories for prompt deliveries as required.

We stock over 100 different jamb and window extension profiles, and can machine in-house head and sill dados to any specification. We can also mortise for hinges and our large inventory of finger joint blanks allows us to make customer profiles with a very short turnaround time.

We're proud to be a leading edge manufacturer and distributor of wood solutions, backed by the history and strength of the Weston name.